# Capture IT requests

This how-to covers how to create patterns that capture IT requests. These patterns are meant to gain immediate insight to the exact area of a problem without requiring additional requests for information (E.g. Information that can be inferred like who is performing the request or where they're making the request).

# Prerequisite

You should be familiar with creating new patterns.

# Call room problem example

This pattern captures isssues within a call room. IT problems are dynamic in nature, so in this example they're handled by a group of checkboxes indicating common problems and a free-form text input to capture additional details or other items that aren't listed.

IT related requests tend to be a blend of the patterns used in maintenance requests and supply requests.

title: 'Problem in the call room?'
  type: checkboxes
  title: What's the problem?
  required: true
    - Call quality is poor
    - WiFi signal is poor
    - Projector/TV not working
    - Audio system not working
    - Web camera not working
    - Tablet battery is dead
    - Missing A/V adapters
    - Something else
  type: textarea
  placeholder: Provide any additional information here to help us help you
  title: Something else or other details?