# Capture maintenance requests

This how-to covers how to create patterns that capture maintenance requests. These are meant to gain immediate insight to the exact area of a request or issue without requiring additional requests for information (E.g. who is making the request, where the request is being made).

# Prerequisite

You should be familiar with creating new patterns.

# Elevator problem example

This pattern captures a problem with an elevator. Because the app has context, the reporter won't need to specify which evelevator has the issue.

In many cases, fielding maintenance issues within a space can be handled by radio butons indicating common problems and a free-form text input to capture additional details or other items that aren't listed.

title: Problem with the elevator?
  type: radiobuttons
  label: What is the problem?
    - Making strange sounds
    - Buttons not working
    - Door won't close
    - Stuck
    - Something else
  type: textarea
  placeholder: E.g. 8th floor button does not light up
  label: Something else or other details?
Routegy app for capturing elevator maintenance requests with radio buttons for common issues and a text area for additional details