# Capture rating & review feedback

This how-to covers how to create patterns that capture feedback with various rating and review prompts.

# Prerequisite

You should be familiar with creating new patterns.

# Star rating example

This pattern captures a rating value between one (worst) and five (best) using a star rating component.

  type: rating
  default: 3
  label: How would your rate this product?
Routegy app with a star rating component with three stars selected

# Recommendation survey example

This pattern captures a boolean recommend value using two radio buttons labeled as "Yes" and "No" (mapped to true and false respecitvely).

  type: radiobuttons
  label: Would you recommend this product to anyone?
  required: true
    - value: true
      label: Yes
    - value: false
      label: No
Routegy app that captures whether a person recommends a product by selecting one of two radio buttons to indicate their answer

# Net promoter score (NPS) example

Another way to capture and quantify perception of a product or experience is by using a net promoter score (opens new window). This pattern captures a numerical NPS value using a specilized NPS component

  type: nps
  label: How likely are you to recommend this product to a friend?
Routegy app that captures a net promotor score to indicate how likely someone is to refcommend a product to a friend

# Open-ended review example

Reviews are used to capture high variation, personalized feedback. Think of these as the digital version of a comment card. They can be a great tool to understand the sentiment of the people you serve and find areas for improvement.

This pattern captures high level Happy/Unhappy experience feedback, and conditionally displays a text area if the answer to the 'Are you happy with the experience today?' question is answered 'No' in order to collect additional information.

  type: radiobuttons
  label: Are you happy with the experience today?
    - Yes
    - No
  required: true
  type: textarea
  placeholder: E.g. Wait time was unacceptable today
  label: How did we fail to meet your expectations?
    happy: No
Routegy app that captures whether a person is happy with an experience and if they say no are asked for additional information