# Capture supply requests

This how-to covers how to create patterns that capture supply requests. These are meant to gain immediate insight into what's out of stock and, over time, help to determine where to best allocate resources.

# Prerequisite

You should be familiar with creating new patterns.

# Conference room supply request example

This pattern captures a supply request for a conference room using a group of checkboxes indicating the items to restock and a free-form text input to capture additional details or items that aren't listed.

  type: checkboxes
    - Whiteboard markers
    - Whiteboard erasers
    - A/V adapters
    - Chairs
    - Something else
  title: What needs to be restocked?
  type: textarea
  title: Something else or other details?
  placeholder: E.g. Red pens
Routegy app for capturing supply requests in a conference room with checkboxes and a text area for additional information.