# Create an app

This how-to covers how to create a new app using the Routegy admin app (opens new window).

# Step 1: Choose a workspace

Start by making sure you're in the desired workspace. Hover over the menu bar dropdown to choose.

An expanded dropdown containing a list of available workspaces in the Routegy admin app

# Step 2: Bring up the new app dialog

Click or drag and drop the app icon from the right-corner into the desired group.

Dragging a new app widget into the app tree within the Routegy admin app

# Step 3: Configure your new app

Fill out the modal dialog with information about the app you wish to create.


The Group field will be auto-populated if the icon was dragged.

New app dialog within the Routegy admin app

# Step 4: Save your new app

Press + Create app and you're ready to use your new app!

# Step 5: Access your new app

You can test your new app by scanning the QR code or by clicking it. You can share your new app by copying the URL or printing the QR code and placing it where people can find it.