# Create a pattern

This how-to covers how to create a new pattern using the Routegy admin app (opens new window).

# Step 1: Choose a workspace

Start by making sure you're in the desired workspace. Hover over the menu bar dropdown to choose.

An expanded dropdown containing a list of available workspaces in the Routegy admin app

# Step 2: Bring up the new pattern dialog

Select the Patterns tab within the workspace view and press the + New pattern button.

Highlighting the patterns tab and 'New pattern' button within the Routegy admin app

# Step 3: Configure your new pattern

Fill out the modal dialog with a pattern that captures the information you desire.


Use the Preview tab to view a rendered version of your pattern!

The new pattern dialog defining a 'Printer problem' within the Routegy admin app

# Step 4: Save your new pattern

Press + Create pattern and you're done!