# Download and print a QR Code

This how-to covers how to download and print a QR code (opens new window) for a Routegy app.

# Step 1: Choose a workspace

Start by making sure you're in the desired workspace. Hover over the menu bar dropdown to choose.

An expanded dropdown containing a list of available workspaces in the Routegy admin app

# Step 2: Select an app

Select the Apps tab within the workspace view and click an app in the tree.

Highlighting the app tab and selection of an app in the Routegy admin app

# Step 3: Download the QR code

Press the file download button in the app dialog.

The app dialog and highlighting the download button in the Routegy admin app

# Step 4: Open the QR code

Open the downloaded QR code image. It will be located in the default Downloads folder configured for your web browser.

A web browser file download of a coffee machine app QR code SVG

# Step 5: Print (or edit) your QR code

Go to File > Print to print your QR code. You can also use your favorite SVG editor to change the color, add text, etc.


If you'd like help with customized designs or tips on how to use your own SVG templates, please contact us at connect@routegy.com.