# Receive Email Notifications

This document describes how to make use of the Email Touch Handler Type to receive email notifications.

Email touch handlers are commonly used for lower priority touchpoints that can be addressed in an asynchronous fashion.

# Creating the Touch Handler

Follow the steps below to create a touch handler for sending email notifications.

# Step 1

Start by making sure you're in the desired workspace. Click on the menu bar dropdown to choose.

Choose Workspace

# Step 2

Select the Handlers tab within the workspace view.

Select Handlers Menu

# Step 3

Click on the + New Handler button. This will launch a modal for creating new touch handlers.

New Handler Button

# Step 4

From the touch handler creation model, select Email from the Handler type dropdown list.

SMS Handler Type Dropdown List

# Step 5

Enter a name, description (optional) and desired email address.


The email can be to a single person or a mailing list.

# Step 6

Click on + Create handler to complete the process.

SMS Handler Filled

# Attaching Touch Handler to Touchpoint

Follow the steps below to attach the email touch handler created above to one or more touchpoints.

# Step 1

Select the Touchpoints tab within the workspace view.

Select Touchpoints Menu

# Step 2

Select the touchpoint you wish to receive email notifications for.

Select Touchpoint

# Step 3

From the touchpoint model, click on the Edit button.

Edit Touchpoint

# Step 4

From the touchpoint edit model, type in the name of your touch handler in Handlers list. The name will autocomplete as you type.

Add Touch Handler

# Step 5

Click on the Save changes button and you're done!

Save Touchpoint

# Wait for Touchpoint Interaction

Now that your touchpoint is configured, you just wait until someone interacts with it. Once they do, you'll receive an email that looks something like this.

Handler Integration