# Zapier REST hook

The Zapier REST hook action type allows you to easily trigger Zaps from your Routegy apps.

# Creating a Zapier action

  1. Go to Zapier and enable the Routegy integration on your account (opens new window).

  2. Create a new Zap using the Routegy integration.

  3. Follow the configuration instructions (Auth with Routegy, select a desired Routegy workspace, etc.).


Create an event within your desired workspace before configuring your Zap. This will allow you to preview a list of fields and values when creating your Zap.

  1. Upon completion, Zapier will create a Routegy action in the workspace you selected.

  2. Create a new app or edit an existing one within the workspace you selected when configuring your Zap.

  3. Add the Zapier action to your apps.