# Apps

An app is the point where interactions occur within groups of a workspace.

Each app is linked to a code. This enables referencing an app by an opaque value (E.g. URL) that can be encoded into links, QR codes, NFC tags, API clients, etc.

# Name and description

An app has name and description fields which define a "call to action", indicating to a person its purpose and what happens when they interact with it. These fields are displayed when someone interacts with your app, so it's important to be descriptive and concise. For example, a name might be "Access request" and the description might be "The repo request hub for Acme, Co."

# Attributes

You can optionally define key-value pairs of information for an app. This information is available to the pattern when an app is accessed as well as events triggered by the app. For example, you may have a key:value pair of printer_id:0001 that is used in the UX by the pattern to confirm to a person that the app they're accessing corresponds to the proper context, as well as in actions for help in routing, categorizing, etc.


Attributes are publicly available and should be treated as such. If you're unsure about how best to process sensitive data, please contact us at support@routegy.com.

# Pattern

Every app is linked to a pattern, which defines the user experience when interacting with it. It can used to (optionally - see instant patterns) prompt the user for additional information.

# Events and actions

A person interacting with an app will potentially create an event. The event contains information gathered by the app as defined by the app's pattern, and it will trigger any action that is tied to the app.

# Examples

Code (URL) Name Description Image
https://rtgy.io/yPe9BPD Need something? Let us know and we'll bring it to your room A sign saying 'Need something?' with a QR code in a hotel closet
https://rtgy.io/VRnekwa Out of coffee? We'll get you caffeinated in no time An office a sign saying 'Out of coffee?' with a QR code near a coffee machine
https://rtgy.io/y42gVPg How are we doing? Let us know so we can provide the best service A sign saying 'How are we doing?' with a QR code on a hotel room coffee table

# Permissions

Apps inherit permissions from their Workspace and its Organization through its Group. Read more about how permission inheritance here.