# Codes

Codes are used to identify apps with an opaque identifier and are commonly seen in a Routegy app URL (E.g. https://rtgy.io/{code}). These URLs can be directly linked or encoded in QR codes, NFC tags, API clients, etc.

Creating an app automatically creates a new code.

# Provisioning codes

You can create codes independent of app creation. This allows for easy provisioning, such as deploying a large number of embedded codes (E.g. QR code signs) and creating apps from them dynamically in the field.

To link a code to an app, simply navigate to a Routegy app URL with a code that has been created but does not correspond to an app. This will automatically open the Routegy admin app (opens new window) and prompt for you to create a new app with the specified code.

# Tracking where app access is coming from

Routegy app URLs can be extended with metadata to indicate the source referencing them.

TODO: specify query param values

# Examples

Code URL Metadata
yPe9BPD https://rtgy.io/yPe9BPD?o=qr App is a QR code
VRnekwa https://rtgy.io/VRnekwa App is a Direct link
y42gVPg https://rtgy.io/y42gVPg?o=nfc App is an NFC tag