# Organizations

An organization is the root object of the ownership hierarchy and maps directly to a public/private entity that is using the system.

Some examples of an organization could be:

  • Routegy, Inc.
  • Starbucks
  • Pepsi
  • Northern Michigan University

# Personalized Organization

When a User is created through the sign up flow, a personalized organization is automatically created. This organization contains resources that help walk the user through the sign up walkthrough and quickly get started. This will be named after the user, e.g. "John Smith Organization".

# Template Organization

The personalized organization for each new user is created from a clone of the template organization. Any changes to the template organization will manifest in the personalized organization created for each new user after the change is made.

# Users

Users can gain permissions to an organization.

This feature is not currently used

# Teams

Teams can gain permissions to an organization. When an organization is created, the following teams are automatically created:

The user that created the organization is automatically added to the Administrators team.

# Permissions

Users must have permissions (directly or through a Team membership) in order to interact with individual organizations. Organizations support the following permissions:

  • Add - Required to create new organization
  • Change - Required to modify existing organization
  • Delete - Required to delete existing organization
  • View - Required to view existing organization