# Templating

Routegy supports customizing most action fields using the Jinja2 template language (opens new window). This allows actions to react dynamically to event-provided values and the context of the app generating the event.

Be sure to check out the documentation for your specific action type to see if templating is supported.

# Values

Templates have access to all of the data captured by the app for the event. These values are top-level items in the templating language.

For example, imagine you have a pattern that defines two elements: problem and additional_comment.

These values would be accessed in your actions fields by using:

  • {{ problem }}
  • {{ additional_comment }}

# Context

In addition to the values supplied by the person using your app, templates have access to all of the event's related data. The app that was used, its group, the workspace these are encapsulated in, etc. All of these values are available to templates through the context object.

# Variables

All variables are accessed using the {{ variable }} syntax (E.g. {{ context.event.created_at }}).

Variable Description Example
context.code.id ID of the code d6a1a3af-2bad-40be-9aac-4bbfea50c02e
context.code.url URL of the code https://rtgy.io/e6Por4d
context.code.short_id Code short id for the app e6Por4d
context.code.created_at Datetime when code was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.code.updated_at Datetime when code was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
context.action.id ID of the action 0617c463-a6c4-411e-8747-3dfaccdaf5af
context.action.url URL of the action https://web.routegy.com/workspaces/4e96d27a-7624-45ef-8411-a2ef8f27cc29/actions/0617c463-a6c4-411e-8747-3dfaccdaf5af
context.action.name Name of the action SMS - Alerts
context.action.slug Slug of the action sms-alerts
context.action.created_at Datetime when action was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.action.updated_at Datetime when action was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
context.action.pattern.id ID of the action pattern 74e41b0d-3c5a-4cbb-96ab-145984341bc7
context.action.pattern.url URL of the action pattern https://web.routegy.com/workspaces/4e96d27a-7624-45ef-8411-a2ef8f27cc29/patterns/74e41b0d-3c5a-4cbb-96ab-145984341bc7
context.action.pattern.name Name of the action pattern SMS
context.action.pattern.slug Slug of the action pattern sms
context.action.pattern.created_at Datetime when action pattern was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.action.pattern.updated_at Datetime when action pattern was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
context.group.id ID of the group c47d3b00-28a6-4129-a485-60682d48bddd
context.group.url URL of the group https://web.routegy.com/workspaces/4e96d27a-7624-45ef-8411-a2ef8f27cc29/tree/groups/c47d3b00-28a6-4129-a485-60682d48bddd
context.group.name Name of the group Kitchen
context.group.slug Slug of the group kitchen
context.group.created_at Datetime when group was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.group.updated_at Datetime when group was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
context.group.breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs of group Office / First Floor / Kitchen
context.organization.id ID of the organization 319a4ae5-c33f-4685-b43b-3f14959042e8
context.organization.name Name of the organization My Organization
context.organization.slug Slug of the organization my-organization
context.organization.created_at Datetime when organization was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.organization.updated_at Datetime when organization was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
context.event.id ID of the event f3496601-92dc-4750-bddc-83afda953013
context.event.url URL of the group https://web.routegy.com/workspaces/4e96d27a-7624-45ef-8411-a2ef8f27cc29/events/f3496601-92dc-4750-bddc-83afda953013
context.event.created_at Datetime when event was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.event.updated_at Datetime when event was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
context.app.id ID of the app 8b50a1c8-01c8-4f58-8215-ee5cb22d8585
context.app.url URL of the app https://web.routegy.com/workspaces/4e96d27a-7624-45ef-8411-a2ef8f27cc29/tree/apps/8b50a1c8-01c8-4f58-8215-ee5cb22d8585
context.app.name Name of the app Coffee Machine
context.app.slug Slug of the app coffee-machine
context.app.created_at Datetime when app was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.app.updated_at Datetime when app was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
context.app.breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs of app Office / First Floor / Kitchen / Coffee Machine
context.app.metadata.attributes Attributes associated with the app context.app.metadata.attributes.myValue
context.app.pattern.id ID of the app pattern 8e2e5a9a-e8f0-4f83-839d-246d865c98cb
context.app.pattern.url URL of the app pattern https://web.routegy.com/workspaces/4e96d27a-7624-45ef-8411-a2ef8f27cc29/patterns/8e2e5a9a-e8f0-4f83-839d-246d865c98cb
context.app.pattern.name Name of the app pattern Coffee machine problem
context.app.pattern.slug Slug of the app pattern coffee-machine-problem
context.app.pattern.created_at Datetime when app pattern was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.app.pattern.updated_at Datetime when app pattern was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
context.user.id ID of the organization owner 2de59476-fa4e-45ea-9cfb-cd11944b5eda
context.user.name Name of the organization owner John Smith
context.user.slug Slug of the organization owner john-smith
context.user.email Email address of the organization owner jsmith@example.org
context.user.created_at Datetime when organization owner was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.user.updated_at Datetime when organization owner was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
context.user.locale Locale of organization owner en
context.user.time_zone Time zone of organization owner America/Los_Angeles
context.workspace.id ID of the workspace 4e96d27a-7624-45ef-8411-a2ef8f27cc29
context.workspace.url URL of the workspace https://web.routegy.com/workspaces/4e96d27a-7624-45ef-8411-a2ef8f27cc29
context.workspace.name Name of the workspace Office
context.workspace.slug Slug of the workspace office
context.workspace.created_at Datetime when workspace was created 2020-06-04T11:53:25-07:00
context.workspace.updated_at Datetime when workspace was last updated 2020-06-04T12:32:54-07:00
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