# Workspaces

A workspace represents an abstract or physical space used for grouping. An organization will have one or more workspaces and all other resources will be grouped under the umbrella of a single workspace.

Some examples of a workspace could be:

  • Jamrich Building
  • Greater Seattle Area
  • 3rd. Ave Building
  • Seattle Campus

# Users

Users can gain permissions to a workspace.

This feature is not currently used

# Teams

Teams can gain permissions to a workspace. When a workspace is created, the following teams are automatically created:

The user that created the workspace is automatically added to the Administrators team.

# Permissions

Users must have permissions (directly or through a Team membership) in order to interact with individual workspace. Workspaces support the following permissions:

  • Add - Required to create new workspace
  • Change - Required to modify existing workspace
  • Delete - Required to delete existing workspace
  • View - Required to view existing workspace