# Codes

Codes are used to identify touchpoints with an opaque identifier and are normally seen as a URL. These URL's can encoded into touchpoints like QR codes, NFC tags, API clients, etc.

Code URL's will be optionally encoded with metadata as to indicate the physical touchpoint referencing them.

Users do not need to worry about managing codes as creating a touchpoint will automatically create a code.

If a code is not linked to a touchpoint, you must go through the provision flow to link them.

# Examples

Code URL Metadata
yPe9BPD https://rtgy.io/yPe9BPD?o=qr Touchpoint is a QR code
VRnekwa https://rtgy.io/VRnekwa Touchpoint is a Direct link
y42gVPg https://rtgy.io/y42gVPg?o=nfc Touchpoint is an NFC tag