# Getting Started

# 1. Sign up

If you haven't already, sign up (opens new window) for Routegy.

The Routegy sign-up form with fields for email address and password
Sign up with an email address or sign up with Google

# 2. Navigate to your workspace

After logging in you should be on the workspaces page (opens new window). Workspaces help you organize and separate your apps. We create your first workspace for you. Click it!

The Routegy admin app's workspace view with a single workspace in the form of {name}'s first workspace
Click on the automatically created workspace

# 3. Open your first app

Apps are what people interact with, and we create your first app for you. Click it!

The Routegy admin app's app view with a single app in the form of {name}'s first app
Click on the automatically created app

# 4. Create your first event

Events happen whenever someone uses one of your apps. Click the QR code or scan it with your phone's camera.

Follow the steps in the app to create your first event. That's all there is to it.

The final step in the default Routegy app where a message is entered and has a button to create an event
Follow the steps in the app to create your first event

# Your first event notification!

Back in Routegy, you'll see a little red balloon notifying you that someone interacted with your app. Click it (or click the Events tab). There you'll find your new event. Click it to view the details.

An event notification appearing as a red balloon in the navbar of the Routegy admin app
Click the event notification or select the 'Events' tab
The events view within Routegy admin app showing a single event
Click the event
The event details view within Routegy admin app showing the value that was entered in the previous step
Check out the info contained in the event, including the message we supplied

# But that's not all. Check your email!

Check the email address you used to sign up for Routegy. You should see an email notification that someone used your app. This was done using an action, which tells Routegy what to do with events. The app you interacted with is configured with an action that emails you when someone clicks the 'Submit' button.

Screenshot of an email created by a Routegy action that contains information about the event, including the app that triggered it and the message we specified
You'll get an email from the action associated with the app

# Now what?

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Routegy works, you can read about how to create your own apps, patterns, and actions like email, Slack, SMS, and webhooks.

# Conclusion

Now you're ready to start building your own apps with Routegy! If you have any questions please email us or make a post on our Routegy community page (opens new window).